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Business Lifestyle Audit

Registrations -

  • Company registrations available
  • Company details amendment & Member resignations/appointment
  • Income tax & Tax clearance
  • BEE EME Certificate


Annual returns
Your CC/company might be
deregistered by now if you have
never declared your returns with

Don’t loose business deals and
opportunities because of returns



Corporate ID

  • Howserious are you about your business. Mediocre presentations = mediocre results. Ensure uniqueness of your business by investing in its identity and image.
  • Letterheads
  • Business cards
  • Business email address & Fax
  • Profile, etc.

The company has since serviced over 500 companies and entrepreneurs, start-ups, emerging and established .

We are continuing to render convenient, excellent services to our clients, which is our unique approach and thus clients find it easy and affordable to deal with us as they are able to focus on their products and customers as we conveniently attend to their business secretarial and compliance needs.

Try us for competitive value add service!!


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